Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Word About Toilet Paper

-Interesting Toilet Paper Facts-

  • The US goes through 15 billion rolls of toilet paper every year.
  • 7% of people in the US steal toilet paper from hotels and motels.
  • Just over 83 million rolls of toilet paper are produced daily.
  • 1 tree produces about 810 rolls of toilet paper.
  • Toilet paper's other uses: packaging material, tissue paper, seat covers, make-up removal and even as a wedding dress!
  • 70% of the world doesn't use toilet paper. Water is the universal solvent!

Over vs. Under

There are many interesting behaviors that we have when it comes to the bathroom. One of these rather interesting behaviors is which way we orient the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder.

This conundrum is not new. It's been argued for more than 100 years! The Scott company created the current roll for mass production in 1879. Prior to the roll, toilet paper looked more like napkins, stacked individually on top of each other.

According to a Cottonelle Roll Poll
72% of users prefer rolling over
28% of users prefer rolling under

Now you could avoid over vs. under all together with a vertical toilet paper holder.

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