Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's In A Name?

Would a rose smell just as sweet if it was called by any other name? 

What about a towel rack? Will it function just the same?

Towel racks come in all shapes and sizes. Which one is best for you bathroom will depend on multiple factors; space, price and style. However, everyone tends to define a towel rack differently.
  • Some people see a towel rack as a shelf.
  • Some see a towel rack as a towel bar.
  • Some see it as a train rack.
All of these individuals have a different idea of what a towel rack is and none of them are wrong. However, The Bath Outlet has seen that a significant number of people looking for a towel rack purchase a towel bar.

Due to the uncertainty of what people are looking for we here at The Bath Outlet try to assist our customers with their purchase by finding exactly what they're looking for as quickly as possible. Just as Google attempts to show you the most relevant search results within the first page, we try to recommend the best possible results for your search.

Towel racks have more than one function. They can function as a place to store additional clean towels; this is used widely in the hotel industry and achieved by using a train rack. Train racks mount to the wall and tend to be placed a eye level or higher. Placing the towel rack high allows for use under it, such as a toilet, another train rack, towel bar or a fold-up ironing board. Many train racks have more than one function; they double as a storage shelf, towel bar or even a towel hook. They come in different depths but the average is either 20 or 24 inches.

Some people have even used a wine rack as a towel rack. This is a great way to use other items in the house for different purposes. 

The number one product bought when searching for a towel rack is a towel bar. Towel bars come in a variety of sizes. The smallest is 12 or 14 inches and generally accommodate a hand towel. Hand towels can also be accommodated by towel rings (which we'll discuss further down). Towel bars than generally step up to a 16-18 inch bar. This would be for your standard body towel. The next jump up is a 24 inch towel bar. This larger size can accommodate two body towels when folded in half widthwise or a single towel in optimal orientation for drying. Whichever towel bar you choose to use make sure that the length will meet your required needs.

14"                                     18"                                     24"

Towel rings come in a variety of shapes. Not all of them are actually rings, but they all have the same general makeup. Towel rings have a single point of contact with the wall, where mounted. From there most have a slight arm that comes out from the wall and holds the ring. Most of these will have a ring that swivels. Some will be locked in place and stationary. Other towel rings will have more of a 'C' shape to them. The top of the 'C' will connect to the wall and the bottom of the 'C' will hold the towel. Towel rings have more character than their towel bar brethren. Towel rings are recommend for master baths to add more personality or smaller bathrooms where space is scarce and towel bars are too large.

Towel stands are another breed of their own. Stands are easily moved and can hold more than one towel. The standard towel stand contains two or three rungs and has the ability to swivel. The benefit of having a towel stand is if you have a large bathroom. Large bathrooms have less wall space per square foot. Stands allow you to place a towel holder closer to the fixture than the wall would. Towel stands are great outdoors, too! Walls are scarce at pools and towel stands work great for this reason.

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