Monday, September 23, 2013

Urilift a Part-Time Bathroom

The urilift triple is a unique solution to public urination.

Imagine if you will, you're out and about enjoying the nightlife on the weekend. How often do you see someone peeling off from the group to answer the call of nature in the back alley? Many hotspot/nightlife communities suffer from public urination scenes and the unsanitary byproducts. The Urilift is a commercial response to this problem.

Deployment of Urilift Triple

In many locations the bathroom station, which houses 3 urinals, remains unseen during the week. The volume of club goers typically aren't out and about during the week. Public utility workers remotely trigger the urinals and ensure a safe and correct deployment of the unit.  Generally these modern marvels are only used on weekends and after dusk, the time when people tend to have a desire to relieve themselves in public.
Remote triggering of urinals

Now I know what you're saying, what about women? They cant use these urinals. 

Deployment of the Urilady

Let's introduce the Urilady. The second of three public toilet products from Urilift. This unit is a unisex bathroom. Notice the toilet seat is up. The seat is attached to a spring and needs someone to maintain tension to use the seat. After the user is done the seat rises back up.

...and this one comes with doors!

Remember, we all have to go, but we don't have to do it illegally.

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