Thursday, September 12, 2013

G'day with a Bidet

Have a better day by using a bidet. 

In general, people of all ages find personal hygiene to be a relaxing and calming endeavor. However, the use of a bidet in the US is uncommon and is often considered strange. Although the bidet is not traditional to the America's, they have become standard fixtures in countries like Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

Wait! What exactly is a bidet, you say?!?

A bidet and bidet faucet are very similar to a washbasin and a sink faucet. However, the washbasin is located at a different height and looks more like a toilet. And, a bidet faucet is shorter and skinner than a sink faucet. You use a bidet to wash your lower region after using the bathroom. It is considered the most hygienic way to clean ones genitalia aside from taking a shower.

      Sink Faucets                        Bidet Faucets

Bidet faucets have a characteristic spout that allows the user to adjust the spray direction. Other than that, it works the same way as a normal sink faucet and often looks very similar. 

You sit facing the faucet to clean your frontside and turn around to clean your backside. There's a towel designated for use on the bidet and you clean yourself the same as you would in the shower. After you've completed the task of cleaning you'll feel better about your hygiene and your body. 

A poll by Glamour of 1000 women showed that 85% of them wear dirty clothes and that 52% of them reuse worn underwear. Worn underwear on average contains 100 million E. Coli bacteria. Keep you undergarments clean and use a bidet.

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