Thursday, September 19, 2013

Celebrity Bathrooms

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Need some ideas to get the creative juices flowing? We've collected some of our favorite celebrities' bathroom designs to help inspire you with your reno.  

Sandra Bullock's bathroom in Beverly Hills
R Kelly's bathroom in Chicago, Illinois
Reese Witherspoon's master bathroom
Think outside the box. Reese Witherspoon's extravagant bathroom includes an elegant Spanish chandelier. How said chandeliers are only allowed to be placed in entryways and dinning rooms?

Michael Bay's beach house bathroom in Miami
Courtney Cox's Malibu retreat bathroom
Justin Timberlake's master bathroom
Molly Sims' master bathroom

There are so many ideas to choose from while you are renovating or designing a new bathroom.  Here  are a few more unique celebrity bathrooms.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith's bathroom
Suzanne Somer's bathroom
Kanye West's bathroom & fish tank!
John Legend's contemporary bathroom

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