Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Family Friendly and Fashionable!

VitrA certainly accommodates to family and fashion with their new creation: two-level bathroom basins! With its highly original design and extraordinary looks, every family may soon want this in their home.


This new basin is extremely friendly for the shorter family members, and the taller! The Family Basin double sink places one sink at a height of 85 cm and the other, for the younger and smaller generation, at 40 cm.

Serving as another purpose as well, other than for the children, use this lower sink to wash your feet effortlessly without having to worry about falling on your back and causing physical harm.


This double basin sink is extremely convenient, especially for kids and the elderly. Finished with a white ceramic, and with a beautiful contemporary design, this sink will become the focal point in your room.


With a "Z" shaped form, also complete with two faucets and a storage shelf, what more do you need for your family bathroom. VitrA has surely set a new kind of competition with this new family fad!

Although, we may not carry this new, impressive dual sink, at TheBathOutlet, we have a wide variety of ceramic sinks, as well as some of VitrA toilets.

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  1. please, tell me, how much does it cost?