Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ignite the Light

Illumination at its best -- this extremely modern bathroom mirror cabinet fulfills so many functions, who would not want it?! The new Marathi mirror cabinet by Hastings adds a simple, yet impressive focal point to any bathroom.


The cabinet door is sliced in the center with a circular window to display the mirror. With the ability to open, the door can swing open to two glass shelves, perfect for your bathroom essentials. Completely out of side, the essentials will be easy to reach with a flip of a door.


This mirror has such a minimalist style, it could fit perfect in any bathroom: small or large, modern or traditional. The Hastings Marathi mirror cabinet is truly a integrated illumination with its ultra contemporary style.


Although, we may not carry this ultra sleek and modern mirror cabinet, TheBathOutlet has various medicine cabinets and mirror cabinets perfect for your bathroom.

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