Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turn Up The Heat...& Style!

Heating your home has never looked so good! With the artistic design created by Art Radiators, these radiators are sure to heat up the romance in your home. With their artistic and alluring designs, these new radiators are modern and designed with excellent style.

Available in many designs, what is not to love about these newly fashioned radiators?! Enjoy the presense of the Eiffel Tower without ever leaving the warmth of your home! The Eiffel Towel radiator is an instananeous eye grabber and will look beautifully mounted in a living room, office or on a fireplace. Measuring 1,985 millimeters from bottom to top, this Eiffel Tower radiator will be sure to heat your room no problem, without taking any space off your floor since it mounts so closely to the wall. Shown in it's brushed stainless steel, this chic designed radiator will blow your mind!

Also available is the Susie radiator, equipped with a sparkling floral design of roses and leafs. Able to fit multiple areas in your room, this design can be displayed horizontally or vertically and comes in three sizes: 1,000 by 500, 1,200 by 600 and 1,500 by 750 millimeters. You can even personalize the Susie by picking the color of the flower to either match or contrast your room design. Designed with a double frame and engulfed in brushed stainless steel finish this is truly a one of a kind design.

Don't be afraid to stand out and shine. Although we do not carry these fabulous wall mounted art designed radiators, we do carry a nice variety of radiators at

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