Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Showers of the Future

Graffe does it again; their innovative, new electronic shower system is the shower of the future. With its advanced shower design, Aqua Sense uses cutting edge technologies made to offer anybody a spa-like experience. Besides its luxury effect, the electronic shower also remains credible.

The Aqua Sense's system is very elaborate with many combinations of high living. The electronic shower system is equipped with ceiling mounted shower heads, RGB lighting effects, touch-screen control panel, speakers, a waterfall shower, a wall-mounted cascade shower and rainfall shower head and also a wall-mounted cascade and rainfall with an RGB LED shower head.

Involving all your possible senses, the shower system identifies itself as an unique and well deserving experience for anyone looking for a satisfactory cleansing exposure.

Your everyday shower will become a "look forward to" event, and will relax and encompass your inner and outer functions. The Aqua Sense takes showering to a whole new level, and once you experience it, it will be difficult to go back to any normal shower.

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