Friday, March 9, 2012

Educational & Fun Luxury for the Family

A child's attention is difficult to keep without fun and color, while parents prefer to enjoy the luxurious things in life. Why not combine them all in one?! Sonia has recently introduced the Kids' Bath Lesson 1. While combining luxurious products to please the adults, the bathroom products are not only eye-catching to the children, but also promote education.

Kids' Bath Lesson 1 will make time in the bathroom fun and educational for any child! Boasting with vibrant colors, creative illustrations, and playful shapes, this bathroom collection is highly adorable and attention grabbing.

Illustrator and designer Sandra Valenica Navarro, also known as Lalalimola, brings her talent to the bathroom with illustrations that motivate kids to take care of their personal hygiene.

Luxury is nice, but so is easy, non-stressing cleaning for the inevitable mess a child makes. Although kids are well known for their creative drawings on the walls with their crayons, you may even encourage them to with this bathroom set. The cabinet is totally erasable and easily washable, so your child's artistic abilities can be previewed and shared until they come up with another motivational piece.

The Kid's Bath Lesson 1 truly fits both the child and parents entertainment and luxury needs; the bathroom may end up being a potentially favorite place in the house with this bathroom set.

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