Thursday, March 15, 2012

Decorative Cement Tile Rugs

Bathroom rugs truly serve a purpose in every bathroom; providing safety when the floors are wet and bringing out that inner designer in you. Although very popular, these bathroom rugs really don't offer many styling options. Promote safety and individuality, but with some luxury effect.

Wet Floor by Wet designs introduces the cement tile rug designs. Easy on the eyes and safe for the wet bathroom conditions, these tile rug designs emphasize on the luxury design. The tiles allow a creative design and take the place of where the normal bathroom rugs would be.

Simply lay the rug in front of the sink or tub and avoid having to constantly wash the rugs. With a permanent design solution, the Wet Floor looks refreshing and fits in any space that needs some style added.

Evironmentally friendly, the cement remains an ecologically sustainable product. You can also choose from many designs to help suite the style of your bathroom, pictured above.

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