Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vivid Vanities by Lasa Idea

Here are the vanities of the future! Sporting beautifully fun and colorful designs, the Flux collection by Lasa Idea is definitely an eye catcher. These small wall mounted vanities are a preview of the new modern designs that bring that special uniqueness to your bathroom.

Giving off a completely distinct style with an intriguing amount of creativity, the Flux collection boasts with vibrant colors, such as magenta, green, orange, blue; the possibilities are almost endless because you can choose the colors of the vanity and the sink. You can even combine colors and choose a different finish option for two separate pieces. As pictured above, you can be as original as you like by possibly mixing an orange sink and a pink vanity!

For those who like the contemporary and simplistic styles, you can also option to keep the vanity set with an all white finish throughout as pictured above. These vanities also stand out with their space saving ability, creating extra room to move around in your bathroom.

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