Monday, February 20, 2012

How To: Unclog a Soap Dispenser Pump

A familiar issue with soap dispensers that many customers will encounter is the soap dispenser pump will get clogged. Instead of going out and purchasing a new one, here are some steps for saving some cash, and preserving the same soap dispenser you love! Refilling your soap dispenser is an economically and environmentally saving item already, and preserving the pump could help you save even more.

Built up soap debris can eventually cause the soap dispenser to clog up and stop soap from being pumped; luckily this reoccurring problem can be fixed rather easily. It is highly recommended to try to clean your dispensers once a month to remove these residues so your soap dispensers can continue functioning properly and that way you can avoid taking these steps below.

First, here are some things you'll need:

   -Small container
   -Soft bristle brush
   -Funnel (optional)

If you follow these few instructions, you could potentially save your soap dispenser pump and money!

  1) Simply unscrew the top of your soap dispenser and remove any remaining soap. Rinse the dispenser with hot water and repeat until all soap residue is gone.

   2) Refill the soap dispenser halfway with hot water and replace the top securely.

   3) Shake the soap dispenser firmly for about half a minute and press the pump down so it can get to the hard to reach clogged areas within the pump. Continue to press the pump until the spout can operate without resistance. If this works skip to step 5.

    4) Sometimes this will not work. Take the dispenser apart again and soak the entirety of the product in a tub of hot water. Take the soft bristle brush, or any thin item that fit within the pump to try to remove any soap residue blocking the pump.

   5) Put back together the soap dispenser securely and test it out by filling it only with normal water to assure all clogs are removed and that the soap dispenser can fulfill its function fully on its own. Pour the water out if it functions correctly, if not, you may want to allow the soap dispenser to soak in the tub of hot water for a little longer.

   6) Reassemble the soap dispenser, and refill your dispenser with the desired soap, using the funnel if need be.

For those who can not cure the dispenser from this clog, you can try to contact the place you had originally purchased the soap dispenser from and see if you can purchase just the soap dispenser pump replacement. Although this may cost some money, it could potentially still be cheaper than purchasing an entirely new dispenser.

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