Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Available Now: Sarmog Collection

Impressive design has put brains and beauty into the new Double collection by Sarmog. Surpassing any normal standards of a shoe racks, Sarmog has ultimately exceeded expectations with a disguised cabinet with a distinct shoe rack inside that combines enough space for all your shoes while not taking up that much space in your room.
Many of the items stand out on their own and it isn’t a mystery why these shoe racks are flying off the shelves. This three door folding shoe rack has double depth doors — and although this rack has an 11″ depth from front to back, it can fit six pairs of shoes in each drawer. With security magnet closing doors and polished chrome plated feet and handles, your eighteen pairs of shoes will remain protected and organized without any worries. Bigger shoe size? No problem: the Sarmog 573 can hold shoes up to size 12 and still maintain a whopping eighteen pairs of shoes! All structures are composed with a glossy white finish and the doors have finish options in glossy white and glossy black. The Sarmog 573 provides a high quality design while taking up very little space!

Also available for shoe lovers is the larger sized Sarmog 574. Similar to the above design, the Sarmog 574 has an extra drawer to hold an impressive 24 pairs of shoes, all up to the size of 12. With the only  attribute changing of height and number of shoes you can fit, the Sarmog 574 displays a sensible design while accommodating all your shoe needs in a minuscule area.

The Sarmog 755 is extraordinarily thin with only a depth of 7 inches! This incredible piece features five single-depth folding doors for every shoe lover’s desire. This rack is able to store fifteen pairs of shoes up to the size of 12 — the Sarmog 755 boasts modern style and elegance. A brilliant addition to this specific shoe rack is the synchronizing doors that help display all your favorite shoes at once; the three underlying doors will all expand simultaneously if you just open the top drawer! Available finishes include glossy white, gray oak, natural oak, and wedge on both the structure and the doors allowing inspiration on color schemes.

Sarmog has made a popular and fashionable statement with their non-space consuming shoe racks like the Sarmog 763. This three door double depth folding door cabinet allows 18 pairs of shoes up to size 12 to fit spaciously with only a depth of 11 inches! Chrome plated feet and handles accompany the dazzling design to secure the belongings remain hidden.

Comparable to the Sarmog 763 is the generous 764, which designates an extra drawer. The only dissemblance is the height of the product and the capacity of shoes it will allocate. With the ability to shelter 24 pairs of shoes up to the size of 12, Sarmog 764 houses 24 pairs of shoes with a miniscule 11 inch depth. Available with new finishes, it is extremely likely that you can find a perfect shade to fit the decor of your home; solid tone options start at the high gloss lacquered white and expand to wooden finishes in gray oak, natural oak, and wenge for both the Sarmog 763 and 764.

No one likes to see that drab ironing board on the back of the door, or laying out in your room. Simply hide it with class with the unique wooden Sarmog 7000. This insanely functional cabinet transforms itself into a ironing board and provides full utilitarian features. Guilelessly open the bottom drawer with the chrome plated handle and a chrome frame will reveal with plan axis ironing painted with treatment cataphoresis rust. While closed, the cabinet has a depth of 16 inches, and when opened a 60 inch depth is exposed to make all your ironing needs painless. The doors and structures can be constructed of gray oak, natural oak, and wedge, leaving the buyer to express their own creative color scheme. With the ability to radiate beauty, this handy cabinet exhibits convenience and illusion of any normal ironing board.

Enhance more than just the display of your shoes, arrange your belongings as well with Sarmog 572. This six drawer cabinet’s structure is presented in glossy white with a selection of either glossy white or glossy black drawers. Match the decor of your other Sarmog furnishings with this the cabinet. Features polished chrome plated feet and handles, and also has metal drawer guides.  With a   height of 45″, depth of 16″, and width of 28″, the Sarmog 572 leaves plenty of capacity for all clothing.

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