Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Luxury Shower Heads

Trends are always changing and it certainly doesn't stop at clothing. Luxury comes in all forms and all categories, including bathroom accessories. Express individuality with your own customized shower head and do it with style. New designs and more innovative options make it easy to pick which shower head will be the right choice for you!

More modern shower heads make their mark by not just making them easy on the eyes, but functionality remains just as important. There are countless options to pick from, but these shower heads truly stand out and show you what you are missing.

One type of shower head that has been favored as the most desired are the large shower heads, such as the Rainmaker and Rain type heads; they produce the most water coverage and can produce different types of "rain" by mixing water and light. Although, they are very loved, they are also the most expensive, demand a large sized bathroom, and require some technologically advanced users.

Popularity also shows with the dual shower heads. These shower heads hold two shower heads at different angles and perform a full head to toe clean. But the Grohe Freehander doesn't stop there; this shower head is the high-living version of any normal dual shower head. The lever pivots 180 degrees and rotates each shower head a full 360 degrees to give the body a full, massaging showering experience.

An unique and extremely feng shui shower head is the nature filled waterfall shower head. Waterfall shower heads are known for the simple design of the product and truly give off a relaxing effect after any hard day.

Although there are many other types of shower heads available, the rain showers, dual shower heads, and waterfall showers fully fulfill their luxurious expectations and are most desired.

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