Monday, January 9, 2012

Slim Multi-Functional Wall Mount Panel

German design, Ondus Digitecture by Grohe genuinely sets itself apart with its beautifully textured wall mounted panel. Its slim shape finds a way to hold all your bathroom needs in one product and gives off a futuristic feeling. Especially with the most current addition to the panel, the Grohe Ondus Digital Faucet Collection has upgraded itself with temperature control, touch screen operation, and even holds the soap dispenser and faucet all in one singular product.

The wall panel also remains eco-friendly by making sure it doesn't waste too much water. Technology is always improving, and with the Ondus Digitecture, you will not be left behind. With the advanced mechanization and beautifully crafted design, this wall mounted panel will put an end to your cluttered bathroom needs and make them easily accessible with this singular, multifunctional piece.

Go to for all your luxury bathroom accessories.

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