Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scintillating Chandelier Shower

Originality and bliss combine with the lovely, yet intimate Chandelier Shower brought to you by Bisazzo Bagno. This chandelier finds it's way to your bathroom by moving itself from a fancy room to your shower. Bringing extra satisfaction to your everyday cleansing activities, the Chandelier Shower sparks creativity, glamour, and relaxation.

The Chandelier Shower also sports a Wanders shower head, which collectively put together two bathroom collections with class. With an ultimate sense of style, this shower will definitely draw attention and will keep your bathroom remaing fashionable. Incorporating comfortable and impressive, the Chandelier Shower will make a lasting impression and form many conversations.

Its magnificent and bountiful crystals, adhering to the base, will sparkle and reflect the light throughout the room, giving an everlasting glitter. The Chandelier Shower will definitely leave an endless impact on your guests.

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