Thursday, January 12, 2012

Safety (and Style) First

Simplify your life by avoiding the constant wetness on the floor after you shower or after you wash your hands by the sink. This extremely upscale design provides safety in your bathroom, as well as the convenience of never having to clean up water off the floor. These distinct wooden shower grate drains by Aco may be small in size, but they certainly do a lot. The wooden shower grates will look wonderful with any finish and will surely compliment any shower.

The walk-in drainage is the answer to all your problems; finished with water resistant and oil-treated hardwood, the grate drain intelligibly collects all the excess water and will keep your floors moisture-less. These floor level grates look great while flourishing brains behind the beauty. Size will never be a problem with the Aco design, as they range in size from 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1,000mm, and 1,200mm. Give off that enriching and safe feel with the Aco wooden shower grates.

TheBathOutlet has many luxury bathroom accessories to offer that will give your bathroom the ultimate styling makeover.

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