Friday, January 6, 2012

Inner Beauty Revealed

Virgo faucets by Bonomi give off an enriching effect while only exposing the inner core of your sink. This subtle design simply suggests a continuation of the hidden pipe that brings water to your faucet. The uncomplicated, yet functional Virgo faucet forms a sleek, straight, singular line including the top of the faucet; because it can be controlled by the top, the faucet does not need knobs, handles or levers and creates a unified composition.

Also available to be a wall mounted piece, there is room to be creative with this appealing design. As shown, the floor mounted piece initially expands the home's inner functions with contemporary fashion. Allow the water to secretly drip out of a hidden faucet and shock your guests. This Virgo faucet by Bonomi creates a classy and creative environment in any bathroom.

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