Thursday, January 19, 2012

How To: Abolish Mold Off Any Surface

You would think that a room meant for cleansing yourself would remain clean itself? Actually, the bathroom holds such a humid environment that it is the perfect place for mold growth and unwanted bacteria. Mold can cause allergic reactions, but the materials used to remove the mold can equally, if not more, dangerous than the actual mold. There are safer and non-toxic ways to abolish the undesired mold from any bathroom surface. Just follow the steps below, and you could have a mold-free bathroom within minutes.

First, you will need the necessary supplies. Be sure to stock up on:

Safety goggles
Rubber gloves
N95 respirator mask
Spray bottle of mild, non-toxic cleaner
White vinegar
A bucket

Now simply follow the instructions.

1). Open all windows and doors to provide good ventilation through the area. To protect your health, be sure to put on the respirator mask, safety goggles and rubber gloves to avoid any potential toxic materials.

2). Spray a mild, non-toxic cleaner to all of the messy bathroom surfaces.

3). Next, wet a sponge and simply scrub the surface with the dirt against the cleaner. Although very in complex, this can sometimes do the trick all on its own! Continue by rinsing the surface with a clean, wet sponge with water.

4). Pour 8 cups of clean, luke-warm water and 8 cups of the white vinegar into the bucket. Allow a fresh sponge to soak up this solution.

5). Take the sponge that was soaking in the warm and vinegar solution and wipe down any remaining moldy surfaces. This solution proves to be extremely effective against mold. The longer you let the solution mix soak on the surface, the more active it will be to get the remaining soap scum off the surface the first agent was unable to remove.

6). To remove the vinegar and water solution, take a new, clean sponge filled with water to wipe the access solutions off. Make sure to rinse the sponge often with clean water so that no leftover solution is remaining. Scrub and rinse thoroughly with water!

7). When you are sure there is no vinegar and water solution left on the surface, and no disgusting mold is still present on the surface, take some towels are pat the surface dry.

VOILÀ! You now have a hygienic, and sparkling bathroom to enjoy your cleansing in.

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