Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giovannoni by Toto

Wall mounts have become very popular, with their space conversing and beautifully constructed design. Why just stop at small accessories? The Washlet Giovannoni toilet by European company, Toto emphasizes on both Japanese and Italian style with a smooth texture and gentle curves. The instantly eye-catching and tasteful toilet really stands out with its complete "clean technology".

This super luxury toilet is prepared with a heated, rimless seat, a deodorizer, a self-cleaning washing wand, and even a remote control! But that isn't it; the Toto provides total cleanliness with rear wash, front wash, oscillating wash, water pressure adjustment, water temperature adjustment, and washing position adjustments making it perfectly accessible for any of your desires.

This toilet is far from any usual toilet; its breathtaking design, high living appeal, and extreme cleansing amenities make the Giovannoni toilet the most desirable and is far from any common toilet.

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