Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Diamond In The Rough

Vitruvit sparkles with style with their enriching Swarovski bath collection. These enticing bathroom fixtures display class and luxury with accented Swarovski crystal designs. Perfect to please guests of any age, the adorable aquatic designs can attract young ages to adult ages.

Included in the collection is a toilet, bidet, and sink. On each part of the collection, is the varying designs of fish swimming in the water consisting of beautiful gold, silver, and black Swarovski crystals. Each crystal is very safely applied by hand and is guaranteed to last up to ten years if the right care of the crystals is taken; this can be easily maintained if the crystals are wiped with a damp cloth to establish durability.

The fun, yet elegant design luminates the bathroom with the lights being able to reflect off the crystals. The Vitruvit collection with Swarovski crystals really establishes an at home, enjoyable feeling while providing top of the line decor.

TheBathOutlet has many luxury bathroom accessories to help accent any bathroom.

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