Friday, December 2, 2011

Unique Space Saving Sink

Innovation takes a new appearance with this luxury sink designed by Antonio Lupi.  Strappo, (meaning tear, lift, and pull in English), truly emphasizes on its name.  Without a base, this sink appears as if it is being pealed out of the wall.  Its base is constructed of plasterboard, allowing Strappo to be finished with any color to match the wall color perfectly.  Its already surprising design, has more to it than expected; LED lights provide a vibrant glow to make this sink even more remarkably appealing.  Inside this peel, is a Corian sink and surely is more than meets the eye.  This beautifully crafted sink also saves space for any area limited bathroom.  Absolutely able to stun any guest, Strappo incredibly links its name to its description.  Pamper yourself, and allow others to allure with this fabulous design that spotlights saving space and impressing all.

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