Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not Your Typical Faucet


The De Soto collection by Italian faucet manufacturer Fima Frattini is not your typical faucet. This trendy, shiny chrome faucet features a holder of some sort. The above picture shows one version of the faucet with includes a fancy rock holder. The manufacturer makes several versions of this faucet. One version includes a small plastic holder for a plant or flower. Another version is a bigger version for multiple toothbrushes.

Trying to find a place to put your toothbrushes? Look no further than above your faucet. This faucet is perfect if your looking to add beauty to your bathroom while keeping it tidy.


Above is another interesting version of this faucet. This version features the small plastic container for plants or flowers.

In conclusion, this faucet will have your guests raving at your creative bathroom. Adding a faucet like this will definitely add another dimension to your bathroom. However, I must say, these faucets are pretty pricey.

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