Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exotic Styles Boast Contemporary Originality

Animal print is making its mark!  This trendy bathroom suite by Ceramic Cielo will take you to your own exotic jungle in your own home.  Encased in chic leather finish, the alluring bathroom fixtures make you feel like your in the wilderness.

With exotic elegance and richly textured finishes, this set is available in three different breathtaking patterns.   The Monty features an enticing snake skin coated in warm browns.  The Dundee imitates the strong browns and greens of a crocodile's skin.  Last, but not least, the Deep-Dundee  gives off the same design, but with a glossy white finish to give off a glamorous effect.

With its extraordinary depth and beauty, this striking collection by Ceramic Cielo boasts with contemporary design and dramatic style and will bring exotic wild texture to any ordinary bathroom.

Be sure to visit to make your bathroom stand out with luxury bathroom accessories.

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