Monday, November 28, 2011

Two for One

Be a space saver with this unusual, luxuriously crafted corner whirlpool shower!  Created by Italian designers Teuco, the combination shower jacuzzi offers such serenity and comfort while easily taking up little space and accommodates any lingering eyes with its aesthetically pleasing contemporary style.  Enjoy the convenience of a shower, the luxury of a whirlpool, and the simplicity of its all in one figure with every passing day.

This all singular piece allows you to relax after any stressful day, with it basic whirlpool option or noise eliminating Hydrosilence option.  This option decreases sound 70% and eliminates pesky vibration noise.   Simply take pleasure in while cleansing with the exquisite sounds of flowing water to purify your relaxation state.

Its purely customized oval shape surrounds any corner and can be displayed in a limed oak, an anthracite oak and wedge panels, truly giving off a chic furniture finish; it will truly set the tone for any bathroom.  Greatly appreciated by any user, this combo tub can be used for enjoyment for the children, easier care for the elderly with a special thanks to the safe, simple entry and exit system with grab bar.

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