Monday, November 14, 2011

Skinny Makes a Bold Statement

Sleek and slim take a new turn with the new "Skinny" bathroom sink by ArtCeram.  Measuring 90cm by 50cm, the Skinny sink looks like it hit the gym more than three times a week.  With its wide, yet shallow basin, the water is easily contained within the rectangular pocket and allows the water to disperse. The Skinny sink is featured in the Naked Collection, which has two designs included with it.  This uniquely styled sink portrays a very fashionable, contemporary theme that will turn any head.  Its two different designs conclude of the black and white, or the originally crafted wood vanity.

The Naked Collection maintains a sense of sophistication and elegance that emphasizes on modern, sleek and simple.  The Skinny sink ultimately emphasizes on its friendly and soft visual, that every visitor will tempted to try it out! Easy on the eyes, and manageable to fit in any place, the Skinny sink could be the perfect sink for you.  Impress your guests with its sturdy, yet impeccably beautiful design.

Discover some built in bathroom sinks available at, that give off the same peaceful feng shui as this piece from the Naked Collection.

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