Monday, November 7, 2011

Out With The Old, In With The New

Chores aren't particularly the most interesting, fun thing in the world to do.  I bet you'd rather be soaking up the sun at the beach, playing a nice recreational game at the park or maybe just relaxing reading a book.  Well laundry may not be fun, but why not make the scenery a little more bearable?  Although it may not be a place you'd like to spend all your time, this new chic collection of laundry furniture design could put a nicer image for your bearing eyes.

Valcucine newest laundry furniture room line, which was previewed at the Milan Design week 2011 from April 11-17 will surely catch your attention, maybe even trick your kids into doing their own wash!  Its newly fashionable and functional design now gives doing laundry a more comfortable feel.

The closets provide full seclusion of anything you do not want your guests to see and can be easily organized, due to the hangers and rails inside each closet.  You can even decide from vibrant color choices that match your walls, carpet, or even contrast against it. Along with the hangers and rails, are convenient shelves that allow even more space for organization and protection.

Don't let your laundry room be drab and boring, spice it up with some luxurious, colorful laundry items. Check out for some extensive remodeling of  your laundry needs.

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