Thursday, November 10, 2011

Making Waves

Originally introduced by German designer Manuel Dreesman and Swiss bathroom brand Bagno Sasso, the new Ocean Wave and Ocean Wing bathtubs have everyone wanting to jump in on this newly emerged design!  Said goodbye to the practical, everyday bathtub, and welcome with open arms these beautifully Corian sculptured silhouettes.

Emphasized on their names of "wing" and "wave", simply expresses their innovative design of free form shape.  This type of piece is so intriguing, why not make it a centerpiece for your bathroom?  The Ocean Wing bathtub measures 2,250 by 1,000 by 750 mm made constructed fully and the Ocean Wave measures 3,000 by 1,500 by 780 mm surfaced on the inside with Corian and circumscribed with wood to give a more natural feel.

To emphasize on a nature theme like the Ocean Wave, visit us at to see some our luxury bathroom items textured in wood.

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