Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How To: Prevent Rust Stains in Sinks and Showers

We apologize this picture is not as beautiful, or luxurious as some of the other pictures we have posted, but for some of you, this may be a familiar site.  Rust in a sink or shower tub are very common.  Yet when it comes time to purchase an expensive piece for your bathroom, the last thing thought about is how long it will last before it corrodes or rust stains become apparent.

If you are looking to redecorate and upgrade your bathroom, luxury items can become very expensive and it would be very disappointing if these items were to get ruined by something as preventable as rust.  If the right precautions and steps are taken, these stains can be prohibited, but once these stains develop over time, they can be very difficult to remove.  Without fully removing your item, the stains can permanently damage the surfaces, and ultimately even decrease the value of your home!  Instead of waiting for the stain to sit and make your life more difficult, take some of these simple, anger saving steps so you don't have to compromise your sanity.

First, grab fingernail polish, a plastic container, an iron filter and water softener.  These items will be the core items in preventing rust.

Now something as easy as never leaving iron or non-stainless steel objects in the sinks or tubs is your first precaution.  When iron and stainless steel items are left in damp, wet area they can easily form rust stains.  This can include anything from cooking sheets to metal utensils.

Protective measure number two: Grab the fingernail polish and line it on the metal rim at the bottom of the shower.

Next, avoid using steel brushes or steel wool brushes in the sinks or showers.  If steel brushes are your only option, store a plastic container near by to place them in after use.  Leaving them in the sink, or even near the sink edge will cause rust stains to form.

Lastly, think about getting a water softener or an iron filter installed because if there is too much iron content in your water supply it could be the main reason why the rust stains are developing.  The water softener will do all the work for you and destroy the iron before it even has an opportunity.

Please remember these are suggestions for preventing rust stains, but they may save you the time trying to figure out how in the world to remove all that disgusting rust that is already settled.  So instead of having your shower or sink looking like the horrid pictures above, why not have it look like this...

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