Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Create a Contemporary Theme

Interior decorators are rapidly drifting toward the contemporary style, and we can see why!  The contemporary movement gives off such a tasteful and sophisticated appearance that could make an everlasting impression from any guest.  Luckily, contemporary characteristics are extremely easy to replicate, making this an exciting home project that can be done at your own convenience.  Here are a few steps to spice up your current theme and make it a contemporary masterpiece.

First, in any contemporary theme, every item has a purpose! Whether its a candle holder or soap dish, it will be sure to stand out.

When choosing colors, you want naturally easy hues WITHOUT any decorations.  Unnecessary decorations could ultimately be the downfall of your project. You also want to stay near warm colors,  since most contemporary designs have a more eternal, natural appearance.

After choosing the colors, the placement of the colors becomes more important.  Contemporary styles take the simplicity of "blocking" the colors.  This means each color has its own division of space, whether each wall has its own color, or you split the colors up.  For instance, using a brown for the walls, a separate color for the windows, and even another separate color for either a bed spread, towels, etc.

Another interesting aspect of a contemporary theme is the attraction to straight lines.  When choosing furniture, stay away curves!  Contemporary strives to implement the various straight lines and angles, rather than curves, so try your best to keep curves at a minimum!

When heading toward the decorating of the windows, SIMPLE IS SWEET!  Contemporary designs adore practicality and classicality.  Leave the window open and bare!

Next, by simply bringing some of the outdoors in, you can achieve your contemporary theme!   Adding bamboo, or wood into the room will help bring out the natural decor of your newly renovated room.  Even add a comforting texture to the walls or accessories for an ultimate contemporary feel!

With its growing popularity,  contemporary themes are taking over, don't get caught behind!  If you are ever thinking of redecorating your bathrooms, has intriguing contemporary bathroom items, to compliment your new design.

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