Friday, November 18, 2011

Go "Green" with Colorful Eco-Friendly Sinks

Recyclables take a new color with these impressive Fusion II sinks by Wet.  Collaborate this contemporary, yet vibrant sink into any room to create entertainment for visitors.  Fusion II sinks, designed by Jan Puylaert, have many colorful options to choose from since the inner basin is removable.  Select from electrifying green, energized orange, peppy red, passionate pink, fluorescent yellow, relaxing lilac,  zealous grey or neutral white; any color will be sure to draw attraction.

Without the colorful inner basin, the Fusion II will still turn your guests eyes, as the sink makes a dominant contemporary statement with its beautiful cylindrical shape.  Constructed of pure recyclable polypropylene, the Fusion II creates a dynamic statement for any eco-lover.  The column's basin can be fitted with LED illumination, with the option of neutral or RGB colors. The basin also illuminates giving off almost a "floating effect" and measuring a perfect 48x48cm and 88cm tall.

With such a bold presentation, wet introduces a colorful, and daily emotion fitting environment with the environmental Fusion II sinks. offers numerous, luxury colored bathroom items ideal to compliment this extraordinary piece.

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