Thursday, November 3, 2011

Color is the New Black

Bring some color to your everyday activities! Aquamass, one of the most famous bathtub designers has come up with yet another beautifully branded innovation. Elvis Pompilio, the creator of the Original Stone One bathtub, has altered the original concept evolving to the LED backlit bathtub. With its new and improved appearance, this colorful luxury includes a variety of finishes in red, white, gray, black, African pigment and is even laced in crystals and pearls to enhance on extra sparkle and shine.

Take your pick: relax in the light and let the colors bright up your mood, lay in the dark and allow the LEDs to reflect off the water and walls, listen to the water trickle down through the outside sides and activate your senses. Aquamass creates an exquisite feel of bathroom luxury and will impress any guest.

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