Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Captivating Deceptions

Concealment has never been so easy with this simple, yet elegant washbasin designed by Meneghello and Paolelli.  Light, brought to you by ArtCeram distinguishes such dissimulation that you might even try to turn the light on!  "Light" is actually a lamp-shaped wash basin easy to fit into any room without causing an odd reaction from your guests.  With a sense of trickery, this wash basin could make you feel like a magician!

With its deep and flared lamp shade shape, the "shade top" provides an impeccable shape for a wash basin, and allows the water to easily drain out from the bottom of the thread-like lamp shaft.  Available in glossy black or  white porcelain, Light remodels any room to a modern, contemporary theme, while simply simulating a table lamp.

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