Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bathroom Wonderland for Children

Excitement takes a whole new look with these extremely vibrant and colorful bathrooms by Laufen created purely for children!  The Florakids Collection has made hygiene and cleansing an everyday fun activity for children.   The fluorescent colors create a high-spirited emotion throughout any bathroom.  Also, it provides any child with a safe environment with the colorful rounded shapes and edges while adding to even more energy within the room.

With the truly original bathroom pieces, you can create a magical world.  The imagination of the children will expand with this wonderous collection.  The Florakids Collection consists of a series of mirror that form a caterpillar, the washbasin is shaped as a flower blossom, shelves that form a cloud shape and more to offer.  And for those even smaller youngins' who are just learning, the toilet seat is equipped with a back rest and side hand grips to help enhance the child's comfort and eliminates the fear of falling in!

Laufen remarkably mastered the look of any child's dream bathroom while embellishing on the most important aspect: safety for your children.  The designer had thought of everything including vibrant colors, no sharp edges, recognizable shapes, and even mastered a way to eliminate the risk of scalding by putting a single lever mixer which regulates the temperature.  Laufen truly thought of it all, and allows an child let their imagination explore on a daily basis.

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