Monday, October 3, 2011

The Lumen Avant Wellness Toilet

Never has a toilet looked this good. If you're ready for a serious upgrade that combines simple style with sleek technological flare, the The Lumen Avant Wellness Toilet should be the next addition to your bathroom.

This unique "super toilet" not only takes care of your standard personal needs, but goes above and beyond the competition by offering tons of exquisite extras. But you're thinking to yourself, "why spend so much on a toilet when I'm just going to need to buy the matching bidet?". On the contrary, this state-of-the-art toilet also includes a bidet! With other functions such as washing and drying, a soft closed lid, heated seat, and energy-saving automatic flushing, this piece will become an integral part of your bathroom.

And if you didn't think that was enough, the bathroom  specialists at Roca developed an LED screen panel to make it easy to control all of the toilet functions. If you're planning on spending a little extra time in the bathroom, you can also add a little ambience by playing relaxing music and adjusting the temperature of the room. Besides a personal place of privacy, this Lumen Avant toilet will exceed your wildest expectations in terms of intimate hygiene.
To add the necessary accessories to your newly purchased toilet, please see our variety of accessories including our decorative toilet paper holders and toilet brushes.


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