Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Upgrading Your Shower Fixtures

After a long day at the office or a grueling workout, showering doesn't have to be a just chore.  Why not convert your bathroom to a place of relaxation, where you can start the process of unwinding and finding your center?  To add a little feng shui to the room, see these elegant wildcard shower collections and start to imagine the limitless possibilities.

This six-legged shower, featured by Visentin, known as "The Spider" has a distinctive look set for function as well as style.  Each flexible "leg" maneuvers so you can angle each one as you like so to rinse those hard to reach places.  Available in both ceiling or wall-mounted designs to add a luxurious feel to any shower.

If you've ever wanted to feel like you're relaxing under a waterfall, this "crack in the ceiling" shower design by Zazzeri will give you exactly that.  The shower head, designed by IS' Daniele Bedini, seamlessly integrates into the ceiling and aligns the colored RBG LEDs lights, flexible body sprays, shower controls, and grid head.  This combination of therapeutics and high-end technology is sure to make showering a new favorite part of your day.  Available in three different colors in its grid view (gold, steel and black) with a shower head made of Corian and steel.

This cascade shower head by ST Rubinetterie illustrates a modern twist to one of the most serene sights in nature.  The authentic cascade waterfall effect provides an excellent option for modern minimalist bathrooms as well as outdoor showers, swimming pools, or vacation villas.  This Simone Micheli masterpiece comes in polished-steel, chromed brass, brushed nickel.  Other colors and finishes available upon request.

The Do.Re.Me shower collection by Frattini shows consumers that some of the best things really do come in threes.  This eco-friendly design by Paolo Bertarelli has an ulta-modern look illustrated by the steel and brass finish of each shower head.  While this trio may look like one total package, each shower head is a separate piece which can be installed as desired.  This collection can be mounted on the wall one, two, or three at a time (or even on the ceiling if wall mounting doesn't strike your showering fancy).  The trifecta comes in three sizes (500, 400 and 300mm) and also provides three functions to choose from during your shower: rain, whirlpool, and full dual blow.

Motivated to give your shower a makeover?  See our luxury shower heads that can transform your space into more than just a bathroom.

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