Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 400 Series Faucet by TSA

If you have an artistic themed bathroom, this is one bathroom accessory you will not want to miss out on.  Upon first glance, this unconventional item may be hard to recognize in terms of design and function, but once used, you'll be sure to never forget it!

Designed by Antonio Fiorentino, this 400 series faucet displays both artistic craftsmanship and functionality.  The only similar trait this faucet shares with the competition is how it attaches to the plumbing and disposes water into a sink.

The open square center allows customers to add almost anything behind this innovative piece.  A mirror, their favorite family photograph, a piece of art, decor, or even a set of candles to set the mood, anything goes when you unleash the secret interior designer within.  Since the faucet has the capability to lean forward, this adds more space for items to be displayed along the wall.

Another contemporary spin to this faucet includes the conspicious, yet accessible control panel, featured at the top of the square frame.  This panel adds the final touch to truely demonstrate the futuristic motif of this piece.  The translucent spout descending from the frame also sets itself apart from other faucets because it's clean-cut and clear style that lets users see the water as it flows into the sink.

As TSA puts it "this new concept of design and production models will influence a new form of thinking about the everyday life".

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