Friday, September 23, 2011

Porter Lancastrian Tile Vision

In the 21st century, one of the essential necessities of technology is to always have various multimedia at your fingertips.  If you like tech gadgets, you'll definitely want to invest in this multi-functional Porter Lancastrian Ltd Tile Vision Mirror.  But this isn't just any ordinary mirror, this mirror stands out from the rest because this mirror also serves as an LCD TV.

Available in 17'' and 23'' wide-screen formats with a 170°  viewing angle, this mirror/TV combination is also waterproof.  The screen is 6mm thick with toughened safety glass and a CD screen with a high contrast ratio of 800:1.  Another convenient feature of this gadget is the heated screen used to block condensation, which makes it perfect for use in high humidity areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, pool/jacuzzi areas, and even in spa rooms.  No matter what way you put it, this Porter Lancastrian product is both waterproof and tamperproof.

Just like any ordinary TV, a 30 button waterproof remote control is included.  Compatiable with most common inputs/outputs, there is even an internal stereo FM radio.  If singing in the shower is your guilty pleasure, you can even add a Nicam stereo sound output via two waterproof 5'' flush mounted speakers to your bathroom entertainment experience.

Say you need to use the mirror before you play "catch-up" on your favorite TV show, no problem.  Simply turn off the TV and suddenly your window to the outside world of entertainment turns back into a mirror.  Available in black, silver, and mirror finishes, this duel function accessory will fit any bathroom decor.  Clearly a "must have" item if you're looking to add sophistication to your bathroom.

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