Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Modern Glass Table & Book Shelf - Glass Fixtures for your Home Décor

Glass has always been the forefront of modern home design & decoration -- but admittedly, incoporating glass into your home décor is not always an easy task.  Yes, there are the typical glass fixtures such as glass vases and chandeliers or other forms of lighting.  Apart from these two ubiquitous home design staples, though, there are a limited number of ways to really include glass products in the decoration of your home.  But, if we think we are as design-oriented and capable as our European counterparts, there should be no excuses!  European homes are filled with modern fixtures, and glass is not exception.

Here's an interesting glass table/free standing shelf that can be perfect for the cutting-edge home décor.  Made in Italy by Antonio Lupi, this glass table can radically transform the look of your bathroom or home.  With modernistic glass fixtures like these highlighting your home/bathroom décor, I envision a more open, airy feel.  This particular product is made by Italian bathroom accessories manufacturer Antonio Lupi, but I don't suppose it can't be used in other key spots around your home!

Glass Rack/Table From Antonio Lupi -

Here's another similar product, also by Antonio Lupi.  Think of the endless possibilities with this glass book shelf!  It brings such a modern and trendy feel to your home and this glass book shelf can be used literally any where in your home.  Take a look at this image below: this book shelf is actually being used in the bathroom!  Well, if your bathroom is anything like mine, there's not enough space.  Who's to say you can't use glass fixtures like these anywhere else in your home?

Glass Bathroom Shelf/Book Shelf -

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