Friday, September 16, 2011

Marti-Niagara Transparent Bathroom Faucets

The Spanish company, Marti, surely got something right when they designed this innovative faucet entitled "Niagra".  This faucet not only has an LED light that changes color, but the structure and design also make this fixture distinctive.  The first thing that makes this faucet a little unconventional is the "open" topped spout, which resembles a waterfall when water is released.  Secondly, unlike many other chrome luxury facusets, the spout is available in both clear or frosted glass, allowing buyers to actually see the flowing water as they wash their hands.

As shown above, the fixture is both transparent and neutral, which leaves those who are looking for flexible options for re-decorating their bathroom lots of  leeway.

Although, buyer beware, these vibrant colors aren't only for show, but also serve as an indicator to the water temperature.  With red meaning hot, violet representing warm, and blue displaying cold, there will be less confusion (and hopefully injuries) due to unknown water temperature.  Just make sure guests don't get so distracted by the spectacle of a glowing faucet that they accidentally burn their hands.  This bathroom fixture not only adds a little glitz to bathroom decor with its LED lights, but is also energy efficient.

To add a little pizzazz to your sink, please see our collection of bathroom faucets.

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