Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lavish Bathroom Sink With Integrated Mirror

This lavish bathroom sink is not like any other sink you have ever seen.  Made of white ceramic, this unique European bathroom sink adds a new dimension to any sink, an integrated magnifying mirror.  Designed and manufactured in Italy, adding this sink will definitely set your bathroom apart, and have guest raving at your creativity.

Unique Bathroom Sink With Makeup Mirror

This unique washbasin is made and designed by Italian based company Bisazza.  If the white is too plain for you, the company offers many colors available for this product.  Additional colors include black-plated, gold-plated and platinum-plated.  In case you were wondering, the pedestal base is not included in the price, however offered additionally by the same company, Bissazza.

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Lavish Sink With Magnifying Mirror


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