Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Concrete Mussel Shell Bathtub vs. I-Sopod

When decorating your home, one of the biggest challenges can be choosing a theme or motif to match your personal style.  Two popular themes, simplicity and modern/contemporary, while both may be very contrasting, add their own accents to any bathroom.  Whatever your taste may be, these luxury bathtubs accommodate to both.

The Concrete Mussel Shell Bathtub from HighTech exemplifies the simple shapes found in nature to add a serene atmosphere to any bathroom.  The unique shape allows as many as two people to fit in the tub (240 x 150 x 52.5 cm), and is large enough for both people to lay in various relaxing positions.  Pebbles, which lay at the base of the tub, not only soak up any overflowing water, but also help add a Zen feel to the piece.  To complete the set, High Tech suggests their fossil-shaped sink to act as a compliment to the bathtub (pictured above).

In contrast to the nature based Concrete Mussel Shell Bathtub, the I-Sopod flotation tank is a futuristic take on a bathtub/pool combination.  This ultra sleek tank is known for providing rejuvenation and tranquility for both the mind and body.  To boost relaxation, the tank is fully programmable from lighting style to music choice.  Also available in various colors, the modern design is energy efficient and has an innovative filtration system.  As if these features weren't enough to impress, there are also health and well-being benefits associated with the i-Sopod.

To add more personality your bathtub, please see our collection of bathtub fillers and see which one fits you!

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