Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ceramic Bathtubs - An Infusion of Modern & Classic Style

For the design-conscious mind, making a choice between modern and traditional bathroom fixtures is a tough one and it's often the first choice to make. Yes, the decision might be largely based on the design scheme of the rest of your home - but just remember, the bathroom can have it's own unique personality! Something else to consider is the starting point. If you've got an empty bathroom with four walls and nothing but tiled floor to work off of, you're in luck. In this case, you can start with a toilet, bidet, or if you're ambitious enough, a bathtub.

Which brings me to the focal point of this post. If you're not going to fit in a jacuzzi in your bathroom, you might think you're left with no choice and must install the usual, trite ceramic tub that you see in every bathroom. This is the furthest thing from the truth! If you are open minded enough, with a decent budget, you'll find that there are many original and unique bathtubs on the market. Granted you might have to look for unique tubs in places that you haven't before - but that's the exciting thing about shopping for your home. Here's an example of a scintillating, decorator ceramic bathtub that I found online.

Decorator Ceramic Bathtub -

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Look at the counter space available for shampoos, sponges, towels, and in this case - fruits. There's just something so soothing about the look of this free standing tub, isn't there? Here's another look:

Italian Porcelain Bathtub -

Notice the unique fusion of contemporary & classical styling. At least to me, the legs on the corner of this tub give it an elementary, old-school English feel. But the bathtub in it's entirety feels conspicuously modern. It's a hard balance to manage, but I think this tub does a great job of it. The black painted porcelain on the face of the tub brings a table-like feel to the tub. Here's a few more pictures of the tub from Italian manufacturer Bisazza.

Free Standing Bathtub Bisazza -

Free Standing Bathtub Bisazza -

Granted, the all-white version of this tub makes it look a little less trendy - but that's a small price to pay for the overall look of chic cleanliness. Of course, these are just some ideas on bathtubs you can start looking at!

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