Thursday, September 22, 2011

Atmosfera and Onda Bathroom Double Sink Vanities

Looking to add a touch of Cirque Du Soleil to your bathroom?  These colorful vanities from Italian company, Bandini, is the definition of a hip, modern, and quite literally adds a "twist" to your bathroom.  These two styles of vanities are formed with bend plywood with a high-gloss shine sure to be a keynote part of the room.  These collections also include a mirror with rounded corners, chest of drawers, and wall-mounted shelves for storage and display.

With diagonal angles and sweeping curves, the Atmosfera vanity is an aesthetically pleasing way to store bathroom items and to wash-up to get ready for the day.  With colorful translucent sinks which match the vanity and oval set of accessories to go with it, others are sure to be jealous of your vibrant bathroom decor.

If you're looking for a vanity with a bubble-like roundness to match the drawers and wall-mounted shelves, Onda may be the furniture piece for you!  Unlike Atmosfera, this vanity offers more than just open shelves to store your personal belongings, it also features a covered pull-out drawer.  This rich orange color with black trim will, without a doubt, add a little zest to your bathroom.

To dress up your own bathroom with a double sink vanities, please see our own set of classic styles.

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