Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aquanatass Shower Sculpture

Think you've seen everything when it comes to shower fixtures?  Just wait until you see this, nothing short of an outlandish, way to take a shower.  European bath brand, Bagno Sasso, has truly redefined combining functionality and style, or rather, art.

The Aquanatass shower sculpture is literally a sculpture that releases water so you can bathe, but according to Rolf Senti, the CEO of Bango Sasso, it is much more than that.  This body-shaped shower sculpture matches your natural curves, releasing water from both the highest point of the sculpture as well as the middle of the "face".  This hand-made, limited-edition work of art was designed by international artist, Hubert Rieber.

Eager to see how it can fit into your bathroom?  These luxury sculptures are available in high end materials such as bronze, aluminum, and wood.  Perfect for private bathrooms, spas, and spa-inspired spaces, this extravagant fixture will add something irreplaceable to your shower.

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