Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Clean a Toilet Brush

Cleaning a toilet brush properly is part of keeping your bathroom fresh and clean.  After all, a toilet brush set is exposed to germs and dirt each time it is used.  Using a dirty toilet bowl brush will simply spread harmful microorganisms around, defeating its purpose.  To maintain a truly-clean toilet, your toilet brush and plunger set needs to be regularly disinfected.  In this article, we provide you with everything you need to know about how to clean toilet brush sets properly.

To clean and disinfect your toilet bowl brush and its accessories, prepare the following items:

  • A bucket large enough to soak the toilet brush halfway up its handle, as well as toilet brush caddy or toilet brush holder

  • Boiling hot water

  • Pure bleach for disinfecting

  • Heavy-duty powder detergent

  • A sponge for scrubbing

  • An old toothbrush

  • Some newspapers or old dry towels

  1. Start by completely rinsing your toilet bowl brush and all of its accompanying accessories if any, such as a toilet brush holder or matching plunger.

  2. Once all of the surface debris has been rinsed off, take the entire toilet brush set and dunk it in the bucket.  If you happen to have a set of decorative toilet brush set and holder, handle it carefully so that it does not sustain any damage.  Lay it carefully inside the bucket.

  3. Pour boiling hot water over everything so that the heat can kill the unseen bacteria lurking on its surfaces.  Allow the hot water to immerse as much of the toilet brush as possible.

  4. Pour in about 2 cups of pure bleach for every 1 ½ gallons of hot water.  Leave your toilet brush set to soak for about an hour, or until the diluted bleach solution cools completely.

  5. After one hour, remove each piece of your toilet brush set from soaking.  Give the handle and the toilet brush caddy a good scrubbing with the sponge and detergent powder.  Use the old toothbrush on stubborn stains and hard-to-reach places.  If your set has a ceramic toilet brush holder, use a non-abrasive sponge.

  6. Rinse the toilet brush set thoroughly and lay on an old towel to dry.  However, if possible, leave it out to dry outdoors and in direct sunlight.  This will keep your toilet brush fresher, particularly if it has a wooden handle.

For a greener way to clean your toilet brush, you can use white vinegar or fresh lemon juice instead of bleach.  

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